Cover the basics with these 6 essential plant care tips

29 June 2023 By admin Off

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It’s hard to find the information you need to keep plants thriving, so here are the 7 things we think every new plant parent should know in order to grow happy, thriving plants.

 1. Underwatering is always better than overwatering

 Overwatering is by far the most commonly reported planty issue. It is easier to save an underwatered plant than an overwatered one, so if in doubt, always scale it back. In winter, you should water about half the time. Try to make sure the soil is pretty much dry to touch before giving your plants another drink.

2. The right soil is a must

Using good quality, well-draining soil is absolutely vital to preventing root rot from overwatering. Having the right soil will assist your plant in regulating its watering needs and also prevent the ever-irritating fungus gnat from infiltrating your home! Support Pellets mixed throughout the soil ensure your plant feels right at home in a teeming ecosystem of beneficial bacteria and fungi – just as they would in the wild!

3. Clean leaves are integral to plant health 

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but… CLEAN YOUR LEAVES! Dust build up can clog your leaves’ pores and prevent light being absorbed. Always remember to wipe or shower down your leaves and spray with Protect to keep ’em strong! 

4. Fertilising is the difference between just surviving and thriving 

If you’ve had plants for a while, but you don’t fertilise, you need to start. Trust us. Tap water simply doesn’t have the nutrients and microbes that plants can access to in a forest, or even a garden. Our Grow concentrate, on the other hand, has everything your plant needs! 

5. ALL plants like bright indirect light 

bright indirect light

Don’t be fooled by the ‘low light’ tag! Some plants tolerate low light, but all of our indoor babies will thrive in bright, indirect light. Whether it’s a peace lily or a cactus, provide your plant with bright, indirect light for a good chunk of the day and you’re gonna see a happy plant. 

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