Mini Essential Care Kit


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Do you have 1-2 plants? Watch them thrive with our foolproof formulas! Your 3 mini essentials give you all of the goodness, and none of the guesswork. Enjoy flourishing plants, without the risk of burning or overdosing, at all times of the year!  Includes: Protect Spray for leaf issues and shine + Grow Concentrate for fast growth + Support Pellets for resilient roots. Packaged in compostable kraft mailer. 

Support Pellets: for strong, resilient roots and water based plants Grow: for explosive fast growth Protect: for leaf issues and shine

Only have 1-2 plants? This plant care pack is perfect for beginners. Containing a mini of each essential, it's safe for all plants, and you can't burn or overdose your plants. Plus, it's safe for pets!

Enjoy plant care without the guesswork. Your pack includes detailed video instructions showing you exactly how to care for your plants. You can ask your plant care questions through web chat or social media messages at any time, we're here to help!