Bring Your Winter Garden Indoors 

30 March 2022 By admin Off
fiddle leaf fig in a pot

The colder season is fast approaching with the skies also looking somewhat gloomy and grey. It’s certainly a time of year in which we all want to hibernate and so perhaps we stop enjoying the beauty of our outdoor gardens.  

But, did you know that that you can bring a piece of that lush green garden indoors to enjoy within the comfort of your warm home?  

The ultimate secret to your indoor winter luxury is to know which plants will survive and even thrive in colder and darker spaces. 

Our top picks include the delightful Fiddle Leaf Fig, the elegant Zanzibar Gem and the exquisite Devil’s Ivy. 

Although these plants are able to survive harsher conditions and a little neglect, it is important not to completely forget about them. Be sure to water a little more when the heating is on. 

Come in store and see our luscious winter collection.